Can Stains and Marks Be Grinded Out

Marks and Stains

When ripping up carpet, lino or tiles, more often than not these will leave marks or stains. Lino when laid is held down with thick glue and the glue can penetrate into the concrete which will leave a slight discoloration in whatever shape it was laid. This discoloration is often much deeper than we can grind and will become part of your new floor. Tiles are another one that will leave marks, usually in the shape of the tiles that were laid, this is caused by the grout that was used in the laying of the tiles. Any mark or stain that has penetrated into the concrete deeper than we can grind will stay. This may sound all doom and gloom but quite often these stains and marks will give new life, add character and in a lot of cases show the history of your floor, really setting off the look of your home or workshop or maybe restaurant.